J, a language for science.

An interdisciplinary journal on J programming language and applications in science.


An open access Journal

Aims and scope

Journal of J is an open access and not for profit journal supporting the J programming language community.

Journal of J is an interdisciplinary journal devoted to J and science.

Journal of J aims to provide fast access to papers about science and J.

Journal of J embodies the following principles:

  • Open Access: Following the principle that knowledge is a public good, all readers have open access to reading and downloading papers. The simple and free access ensures maximum readership and high citation records for published papers.
  • Speed: Submitted papers are made available on the journal’s homepage within three weeks. Thus, the time for new ideas to find their way into the scientific community is substantially reduced.

Style and Contents

Journal of J aims to cover all the main areas of science. Inevitably, articles in different areas are addressed at different audiences. Many of the articles submitted to the journal are standard technical pieces, addressed to a purely academic audience.

To attract this variety of contributions Journal of J will contain the following areas:

  • Mathematics: number theory, logic, calculus, algebra, arithmetic, algorithms and others…
  • Physics: dynamical systems, chaos, fractals, disorder, statistical physics and others…
  • Computer science, Visualization,…

Call of papers

Authors are invited to submit papers for publication. Manuscripts should be submitted by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


First and introductory issue to appear in November (2011)

Six issues per year



FOCUS ISSUE (To appear in December - 2011)

Special number about mathematical roots of J.

Authors are invited to submit papers for this special number.